Velda Plant Basket Round

Plant baskets to keep pond plants safe in a nutrient rich soil

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  • Round plant baskets for marginal pond plants
  • Constructed from a finely woven, and very durable, material
  • Two sizes available
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Velda Plant baskets have been constructed from a finely woven, and very durable, material. Both round and square plant baskets are available. They can be placed on any stable surface, in the pond or on a ledge. The finely woven fabric allows water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the plant roots but contains the pond soil and plants in one place. The roots remain fresh and healthy, for good plant growth. The baskets are environmentally friendly, very simple to use, and will last for many years.

Established plants should be removed from the plant baskets every three years and divided, then supplied with new pond soil. The split-off excess plants can then be used elsewhere in the pond.

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