Velda Plant Sock

The ideal tool to create beautiful, planted scenes in your garden pond

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  • Great for planting around the curved sides of your garden pond
  • Made from flexible and strong the sock material
  • Two sizes available
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The Velda Plant Sock makes planting around the curved or unusual shaped edges of your garden pond even easier. Flexible and strong the sock material allows nutrients and water in to plant roots and importantly allows toxins to be released from the plants too.

The strong, finely woven fabric is long lasting and can be placed on to any surface for supported plant growth. The flexible shape makes this plant holder ideal for natural, wildlife ponds as well as more engineered designs.

Available in two sizes, the Plant Sock is the ideal tool to create beautiful planted scenes in your garden pond.

Sizes available:

  • Diameter 10cm x 80cm
  • Diameter 15cm x 80cm
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