At a glance...
  • UV clarifier
  • Forces free-floating algae particles to clump together
  • Weatherproof electrical housing

If you are using a good filter and still suffer from green water, then a Hozelock Vorton UV clarifier could be ideal for keeping the water in your pond clear and clean of algae - the main cause of "green water".

Green water is caused by free-floating algae particles in your pond that are too small to be picked up by your filter media. The Hozelock Vorton UV Clarifier uses intense UV light to cause these algae particles to clump together as it passes through the unit on the way to the filter, meaning that the algae is destroyed and picked up by your filter and broken down into harmless waste.

The beauty of the Vorton is that instead of passing water straight past the UV light, it swirls the water around so more of the water comes into contact with the rays - making the UV light more effectively.

The Vorton derives its name from the action the water undergoes inside the clarifier - the vortex of water it creates which swirls the water around the UV filter, increasing the algae's exposure to the UV rays which destroy it.

After the algae have been exposed to the UV, it clumps together (flocculates) so that it can be sieved out of the water by your filter - meaning no green water.

Please note: It is advisable to change your UVC bulb regularly as its intensity naturally fades.

Key Features:

  • Algae cells are made to clump together for easy filtering
  • UV light is housed in a quartz tube which offers 90% more UV penetration than glass
  • Long-life energy efficient lamp
  • Weatherproof electrical housing

Maintain the perfect working condition of your Vorton UVC with replacement Hozelock PLL UV Bulbs and Hozelock Replacement Quartz Sleeves.

Product Guarantee Max Pond Size (without fish) Max Pond Size (with fish) Recommended Flow Rate UV Wattage Inlet / Outlet Sizes Cable Length
Hozelock Vorton 11 2 Years 8000ltrs 4,000ltrs 2000lph 11W 25 - 40mm (1" - 1.5") 5m
Hozelock Vorton 18 2 Years 12,000ltrs 6,000ltrs 3000lph 18W 25 - 40mm (1" - 1.5") 5m
Hozelock Vorton 36 2 Years 24,000ltrs 12,000ltrs 6000lph 36W 25 - 40mm (1" - 1.5") 5m
Hozelock Vorton 55 2 Years 37,000ltrs 18,500ltrs 9250lph 55W 25 - 40mm (1" - 1.5") 5m
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