Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact - Pump Fed EGC

The perfect filtration system

At a glance...
  • Pump-fed compact and self-cleaning drum filter
  • Suitable for ponds up to max. 80,000 litres
  • Modular for filtration system expansion

Palletised delivery

Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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What is the Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact - Pump Fed EGC?

The Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact - Pump Fed EGC is a high performing compact drum filter suitable for ponds up to 80,000 litres, 40,000 litres with fish stock and 20,000 litres with Koi. Self-cleaning, this pump-fed filter is designed to be installed 32cm above your pond's water level offers optimum flow rates of up to 12,500lph.

What are the features of the ProfiClear Premium Compact - Pump Fed EGC?

The Oase Proficlear Compact combines exceptional mechanical solids removal, down to 80 microns, with proven moving bed HEL-X 13, air-driven biological media. Harmful waste by-products are removed by the self-cleaning rotational drum section meaning that the biological stage does not require cleaning and nutrients that promote algae growth such as nitrate and phosphate are considerably reduced.

The Proficlear Premium Compact incorporates a primary and secondary inlet meaning that two pumps can be fitted to improve circulation and surface skimmers such as the Aquaskim 20 and Aquaskim 40 can easily be installed as can multiple UVC's such as the Bitron C or Bitron Eco range allowing for a complete Clearwater solution and with correct installation even sterilisation is possible.

Easy Garden Control - EGC features allows you to conveniently control all settings via an app, through connection possibilities on the easy garden control (EGC).

Dimensions L:885 x W:685 x H:820mm
Voltage 230V
Power consumption 5W
Power consumption, cleaning 870W
Cable length 5 + 1m
Weight 76.50kg
Guarantee 3 years
Biological filter surface 38.2m ²
Biological filter surface protected 32.2m²
Control unit Microcontroller
Temperature display Digital
Coarse debris extraction 80µm
Number of nozzles/rinse quantity 2 x 3.5 l/min
Scavenging pump 4 bar
Automatic rinsing system Manually, sensor, time interval
Number of sieve elements 6
Filter intake surface 1135cm2
Material GRP Duroplast/stainless steel
Number of inlets 2
Inlet connections 50mm
Outlet connections DN 110
Sludge discharge connections DN 75, DN 110
Connection to AquaOxy 2000, Bitron C 72 - 110 W, Bitron Eco 120 - 240 W
Min. flow rate 7500lph
Max. flow rate 125,000lph
Suitable for ponds up to max. 80,000l
Suitable for ponds with fish stock 40,000l
Suitable for ponds with Koi 20,000l
Installation height above water level 32cm
Type of use Pump fed system
Media included 40l Hel-X 13Biomedia
Palletised delivery Yes
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