Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe

A complete pressurised filter kit

At a glance...
  • Pressure filter with UV lighting
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit any pond
  • Can be located anywhere in your garden
Excellent service. Really pleased with this filter system. Easy to fit.

What is the Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe?

The Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe range is our range of powerful pressurised pond filters, designed to maintain healthy water in ponds. These pressure filters use powerful UV lighting and multiple layers of filter media to remove algae, waste and chemical impurities. Suitable for a wide range of setups, these filters can be used in garden streams, fountains, waterfalls and more. The pressurised filters are designed to be continuously run by a pond pump to ensure clean and clear water all year round.

What are the advantages of a pressure filter?

Pressure filters, unlike traditional pond filters, use high-pressure filtration combined with multiple layers of filter media and UV lighting to process a large volume of water in a small space, unlike traditional box filters which often need to be as large as a bathtub. Pressure filters can also be cleaned from the top down, so the unit can be buried up to its head in the ground, keeping it out of sight. Finally, pressure filters are very easy to maintain, making them suitable for quick home repairs to keep them performing at their best for years after their warranty period.

How do you clean this pressure filter?

To clean this pond filter, you will need to turn off your filter pump and remove the filter head. Then you will need to remove the foams and clean them manually in a bucket of pond water (not tap water) and assemble the filter back together. Next, remove the blanking cap from the sludge outlet and put it on the filter outlet to stop dirty water from entering your pond.

Once the blanking cap is attached, turn the dial to 'clean' on the filter head and turn your filter pump on, run the water out of the sludge outlet until it runs clean then turn off your pump. Finally, put the blanking cap back over the sludge outlet and turn the dial back on the filter head then turn your pump back on and you're good to go.

What's the difference between the products in this range?

The three pressurised pond filters in this range are designed to handle ponds of different sizes. The 8,000 is designed for a pond with no fish of 8,000 litres or 4,000 litres with fish and is not suitable for any Koi ponds. The 12,000 is designed for a fishless pond of 12,000 litres, a 6,000 litre fish pond or a 3,000 litre Koi pond. Then our top-range filter is designed to tackle a 17,000-litre pond with no fish, an 8,500 litre pond with fish or a 4,250 litre Koi pond.

Where can I get replacement parts for my filter?

We offer a combination of replacement parts to install in your Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe to keep it running at its best for years after its warranty ends. You can buy replacement quartz sleeves for the built-in UV clarifier, O-rings to maintain a tight seal and foam sets to replace the filter foam. These replacements are low-cost and ensure you don't need to buy another filter in the years to come. We recommend stocking up when you buy the filter to ensure quick and easy maintenance.



Brand Swell
Guarantee 1 year
UV Cable 1.5m


Model 8,000 12,000 17,000
Pond size 8,000l (no fish), 4,000l (with fish), not suitable for Koi 12,000l (no fish), 6,000l (with fish), 3,000 (with Koi) 17,000l (no fish), 8,500l (with fish), 4,250 (with Koi)
Max flow rate 5,000lph 8,000lph 12,000lph
Recommended pump Swell 4500 filter pump Swell 7500 filter pump Swell 10500 filter pump
Inlet and outlet 15, 20 and 25mm 25, 32 and 40mm 25, 32 and 40mm
UV bulb 9w PLS 18w PLL 24w PLL
Dimensions 38 x 32 x40cm 54 x 38 x 47cm 54 x 38 x 58cm
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