Hozelock Bioforce Revolution

A pressurised pond filter to clear your pond of debris

At a glance...
  • Pressurised pond filters
  • 3 stage filtration, including biological, mechanical and UV
  • 2-year guarantee

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I ordered a suitable filter for a pond and the filter arrived quickly. So far it has made a big difference to the water quality.


What is the Hozelock Bioforce Revolution?

A great upgrade to replace the old pond filter Hozelock Bioforce range, Hozelock Bioforce Revolution pressurised pond filters provide a more complete, 3 stage filtration system to maintain healthy water quality. Each unit is designed so that it can be installed either above or below ground level, giving you more control over the look of your garden and keeping pond equipment out of sight. The Revolution features a special handle on top of the unit which, when turned, automatically cleans your filter, saving you time and a lot of mess. When operated, the internal cleaning blades quickly separate solids from the filter foams, leaving your advanced pressurised filter as good as new. Each unit comes with a two-year guarantee and an easy clean 'back-flush' facility allowing flushing of debris out of the filter.

How does this pressure filter work?

Layers of filter foams of varying densities easily remove larger particles of dirt from your pond water and can easily be cleaned. The Kaldnes K3 media inside the biological filter has an increased surface area, allowing for larger cultures of beneficial bacteria to break down organic matter and algae. The UV light section kills off green algae blooms, bonding the free floating particles together so they can be dealt with by the mechanical and biological media, leaving you with a clear and healthy pond.

How can I keep my pressure filter in top condition?

To keep your Bioforce Filter in tip-top condition, you can replace the filter foam with Hozelock Bioforce Filter Foam Sets and maintain your filter using the Hozelock Bioforce Service Kits. You should replace your filter foam annually and clean it every couple of weeks, depending on the amount of waste in your pond to ensure clear and healthy water.

Which pump should I pair with this filter?

These pressure filters all pair with pond pumps with a 25-40mm hose connection. The Bioforce Revolution 6000 can be paired with any pond pump with a maximum flow rate of 4000lph. The Bioforce Revolution 9000 can be paired with any pond filter pump with a maximum flow rate of 6000lph. The Bioforce Revolution 14000 can be paired with any pond pump with a maximum flow rate of 8000lph.

Product Bioforce Revolution 6000 Bioforce Revolution 9000 Bioforce Revolution 14000
Guarantee 2 years 2 years 2 years
Max pond size (no fish)
12000 l 18000 l 28000 l
Max pond size (with fish) 6000 l 13500 l 21000 l
Max pond size (with koi) Not suitable for koi 9000 l 14000 l
Max fish size 300 cm 480 cm 720 cm
Max flow rate 4000 lph 6000 lph 8000 lph
UVC 18W PLL-type 24W PLL-type 36W PLL-type
Hose connection 25-40 mm 25-40 mm 25-40 mm
Dimensions (approx.) L:270 x W:270 x H:370 mm L:270 x W:270 x H:456 mm L:400 x W:400 x H:513 mm
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