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Swell Filter Boost Pond Balls

Pond filter starter packed with beneficial bacteria

At a glance...
  • Pond filter starter that promotes a healthy pond
  • Activates and boosts biological filters
  • Treats 9,000 litres of pond water
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A slow release filter starter, ideal for new pond filters.

What are the Swell Filter Boost Pond Balls?

The Swell Filter Boost Pond Balls kickstart biological filtration within your pond filter. In a slow-release gel ball form for easy spreading, they can be placed directly into your pond filter. The Swell Filter Boost Pond Balls help to remove any harmful chemicals like ammonia and promote a clean, healthy pond. Completely safe for pond fish, aquatic plants and wildlife, these pond filter starter balls treat up to 9,000 litres of pond water.

What are the benefits of pond filter starters?

There are many benefits of using a pond filter starter. Swell Filter Boost Balls are packed with millions of friendly and beneficial bacteria. They are immersed in a nutrient-rich liquid gel that boosts and feeds biological filters. When added to your filter system, Filter Boost Balls break down and add beneficial bacteria encouraging the growth of nitrifying bacterial colonies in the biological filter media. The bacteria will then multiply and consume fish waste converting it to harmless nitrogenous by-products. This helps “mature” a new pond and pond filter quickly so it can remove toxic ammonia and nitrite formed as wastes decompose.

The natural filtration bacteria are present in most ponds, but it takes them 4-6 weeks to reach sufficient numbers for complete filtration unless you use a pond filter starter. The completely biodegradable gel balls speed up the maturation of the biological filter, allowing fish to be added to the pond sooner. In addition, the Swell Filter Boost Pond Balls guarantee crystal clear pond water.

Directions for use:

Add 100 ml of the Swell Filter Boost Pond Balls and some liquid to your filter at a dose rate of 100 ml per 3,000 litres. Repeat monthly for maximum effect.

Size 300 ml
Treats 9000 litres
Suitable for All pond types
Fish safe Yes
Pond plant safe Yes
Wildlife safe Yes
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