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At a glance...
  • Treatment for improving pond water quality and clarity
  • 500 ml container is suitable for ponds up to 10 m³
  • Binds mineral substances that cause turbidity
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It works by binding together the mineral substances that cause cloudiness and an opaque quality to your pond. Organic waste from fish and plants can cause floating particles that cast a murky shadow on your pond.

It's great to use to shift those fine particles that your filter can miss such as phosphates and heavy metals. The waste is clumped together for easy removal with a net, leaving a crystal clear pond.

Key Features:

  • Binds mineral substances that cause turbidity.
  • Binds organic substances from fish waste or leaves that cause cloudiness
  • Effective against fine, non-filterable pollutants
  • Accumulated flocculated material can easily skimmed off with a net.
  • Not suitable for algae control.
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