EcoPond Cloudy Water Treatment

Clears green and cloudy water

At a glance...
  • Eco-friendly cloudy water treatment with plant extract
  • Frog and fish friendly
  • Three sizes available to suit all ponds
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EcoPond Cloudy Water Treatment, formally known as AquaHydrotech, is a natural flocculant, based on a plant extract that clears water by causing algae and fine suspended solids to sink to the bottom of the pond.

This product is a safe and natural solution for clearing cloudy water, it can also be used in conjunction with EcoPond Mud Muncher it reduces the need to manually clean ponds without filtration systems.

Key Features:

  • Clears murky water with plant extracts- sending muck to the base of the pond
  • Safe for fish, plants, humans, pets and wildlife.
  • In very severe cases, repeat dosing may be necessary.


  • Add initial dose of 125ml per 4,500 litres (1000 gal) directly into pond water
  • To maintain : add 20ml per 4,500 litres (1000 gal) every week in spring and summer

Allow 5 days before re-dosing.

Product Size Treats
Cloudy Water Treatment 250ml 250ml 9,000 litres (2000 Gallons)
Cloudy Water Treatment 2.5l 2.5 litres 45,500 litres (10,000 Gallons)
Cloudy Water Treatment 5l 5litres 91,000 litres (20,000 Gallons)
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