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At a glance...
  • 3-way flow adapter for a range of pond equipment uses
  • Durable and compatible with most common hose tails
  • Optional strainer and taps for adjustable flow rate
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The Swell 3 Way Flow Adapter is a very simple product with multiple uses, it allows you to extend the flow of your pond pump into two separate streams or you can split the flow to a fountain/waterfall and divert the excess water where you choose, adjusting flow rates as you like. The product includes a variety of accessories for you to combine and customise your needs.

It's a water distributor with one adjustable inlet and two outlets. The 40mm inlet has connections for 25mm-50mm hose. The outlets 2x 40mm with stepped hose connections from 25mm-40mm. Both outlets have individual flow rate taps.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and durable yet inexpensive.
  • Fits 25/ 32/ 38/ 40mm Flexi hose.
  • Optional strainer case included.
  • Taps to create adjustable flow rate.


Size Inlet Pipe Size Outlet Pipe Size
364mm x 364mm 25mm-50mm 25mm-40mm
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