Evolution Aqua Nexus+

Pond filter range suitable for ponds up to 34,000 litres

At a glance...
  • Pond filter range with highly developed filtration technology
  • Delivers the clearest and cleanest water possible
  • Equipped with K+Media filter media

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Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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Evolution Aqua have launched the new Nexus320+ and Nexus220+ filtration systems. Building on the tried and tested technology that has been ever present in their world renowned Nexus filtration systems, the team at Evolution Aqua have gone even further to enhance their number one Koi pond filter.

Nexus320+ and Nexus220+ filters now come with a new filter media called Evolution Aqua K+ Media in the moving bed outer chamber for vastly improved biological filtration and faster filter maturation. The new Nexus+ filters are also supplied "auto ready", with factory fitted fixings already in place, making it even easier to upgrade to the Nexus Automatic System.

  • K+Media replaces K1 Media in moving bed for improved biological filtration.
  • K+Media provides a class leading overall surface area of 1,350m2 per m3 with a vast protected surface area of 1,025m2 per m3.
  • Minerals, magnesium, calcium, salt and enzymes incorporated into K+Media during the extrusion process to speed up filter maturation times.
  • Design and structure of K+Media allows a stable bio-film to form.
  • Fixings are pre-installed on the filter to make fitting the Nexus Automatic Upgrade Kit much easier than before.
  • Nexus220+ is suitable for ponds up to 18,000 litres (4,000 gallons).
  • Nexus320+ is suitable for ponds up to 34,000 litres (7,500 gallons).
  • Pay monthly at 0% APR with Klarna
  • Can be pump or gravity fed

Advanced Filter Media

After many years of research, Evolution Aqua have now developed a new media that not only gives class leading surface area, but also overcomes the problem of long maturation times. K+Media with its innovative design, and class leading surface area provides enhanced biological and mechanical filtration.

As Evolution Aqua extrude K+Media, Minerals and Enzymes are added to the raw material. The result of this process, unique to Evolution Aqua, is a filtration media that not only outperforms most of its competitors due to its large protected surface area, but also answers the problem of how to speed up the time taken to mature your filter.

With a new shape and profile, K+Media has also been designed to have an increased and class leading surface area, meaning an overall surface area of 1,350m2 per m3. More importantly for biological filtration, the protected surface area of K+Media is 1,025m2 per m3. This allows a stable bio-film to form and remain intact when used in moving bed biological filtration, as in the new Nexus+.


Precision Engineering

As with all Evolution Aqua filtration systems, Nexus+ are precisely manufactured at their factory in the UK. The shell of the unique multi chamber filter is formed using specialist rotational moulding machinery. High density polyethylene (HDPE) is injected into a Nexus shaped mould where it is rotated through 360 degrees whilst being exposed to incredibly high temperatures. Once formed, the robust, toughened shell is removed from the mould and left to cool. Precision cut stainless steel panels are fabricated to make the filter and grill plates which are then inserted into position inside the unit. A series of pipework, connectors and valves are installed that make the unit ready to hold water. Airline and fixings are also carefully installed which enable the moving bed and cleaning process to function. K1 Micro is added to the filter and K+Media is packed ready for adding into the outer chamber.

Combining a tried and tested, precision manufacturing process with award winning design, and with K+Media and K1 Micro at the heart of the filtration, the Nexus+ will consistently deliver crystal clear, healthy water, allowing Koi and pond fish to thrive. With automatic cleaning functionality now even easier to install, Nexus+ is the ultimate filter system of choice.

How the Nexus+ Works

The Nexus+ filter is an innovative biological and mechanical filter system in one. Water enters the Nexus+ via the inlet into the inner chamber which forms as a vortex allowing larger solids to settle out. The water then passes through the filter where the finer particles are removed at the mechanical stage of filtration. From the filter, the water passes into the outer chamber where the biological stage of filtration takes place using the new K+Media Moving Bed.

The water then passes through the grill into the Exit Chamber, where it is returned to the pond through the outlet. The filter is cleaned by diverting the air from the Outer Chamber to the filter using the air valves or by installing the automatic cleaning system which makes the cleaning process even easier, as the filter can be cleaned even when you're not there.

The Nexus+ requires an airpump as a vital part of the cleaning process, and with a varipump it allows a better control over the flow and to get the very best out of your filter, as well as reducing the wattage over a fixed rate pump.

Nexus+ filter systems can be easily installed on gravity-fed or pump-fed set ups.

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Product Pond Size Max LPH Guarantee Filter Type Volume of water in Nexus Amount of K1 Micro supplied in Filter Amount of K+Media supplied in Bio Chamber Max Capacity for K+ Media
Nexus 220+ 18,000L 10,000 LPH 1 Year Bio 510L 18 Litres 50 Litres of K+Media in bio chamber 150 litres of K+ Media in bio-chamber
Nexus 320+ 34,000L 13,000 LPH 1 Year Bio 840L

20 Litres

100 Litres of K+Media in bio chamber 300 litres of K+ Media in bio-chamber

Air Pump/Media Volume:

50 - 70 litres Use an Air Pump 75
75 - 100 litres Use an Air Pump 95
100 - 150 litres Use an Air Pump 130
150 - 300 litres Use an Air Pump 150
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