Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filter - Bead Filter

An incredibly powerful filter for complete filtration of large bodies of water

At a glance...
  • Huge bead filter for large ponds and other bodies of water
  • K+ beads can both mechanically and biologically process water
  • Choose between a variety of sizes to find the right filter for you

Palletised delivery

Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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What are Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filters?

Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filters are large bead filters. They contain lots of K+ beads, shaped to offer maximum surface area and designed to harbour the bacterial colonies necessary to perform biological filtration. This range operates at high pressure (a maximum of 1.5bar) to further increase the rate of both biological and mechanical filtration.

Key Features:

  • 4 different models to choose from
  • High power biological and mechanical filtration
  • Removes ammonia and nitrate from water
  • Great for large pond
  • Easy to maintain
  • Keeps water safe and clear
  • Pay monthly at 0% APR with Klarna

What are the benefits of Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filters?

Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filters can process huge amounts of water on both a mechanical level, removing any solid waste, and a biological level, removing toxins like ammonia and nitrate from the water. They are perfect for maintaining large ponds as they require little upkeep and only a low powered pump, and is a great choice with a varipump to allow a better control over the flow and to get the very best out of your filter, as well as reducing the wattage over a fixed rate pump. With an Evolution Aqua K+ Advanced Filter, you can ensure your water is safe and clear for your pondlife.

What is biological filtration?

Biological filtration is the process of using bacteria to remove toxins from the water and replace them with helpful chemicals. Many forms of bacteria are capable of ingesting Ammonia and Nitrates, which are harmful to fish and other pondlife.

What is K+ Media?

K+ Media is an innovative type of media used within the K+ Advanced Filters designed by Evolution Aqua. The Media offers the most surface area possible as well as mechanical filtration and it's formed from a mixture of minerals and enzymes that encourage the growth of helpful bacterial colonies. Using K+ Media you can filter water faster and more effectively than with regular filter media. K+ Media has great benefits, including it's ability to filter particles down to one micron, and has been specifically designed to help improve flow. The K+ media has a large surface area and maintains stable bio-films, as well as being unique in having minerals and enzymes added during manufacture, which makes it mature a lot faster than average. The K+ media has also been tested to verify it's performance by IFTS and Cranfield University. 



Guarantee 2 years
Maximum working pressure 1.5bar



Model Recommended pond size Volume of media Maximum flow rate Multi-port valve Dimensions
K+ Advanced Filter 20 18,000l 50l 6,000lph 1.5" 500mm (20") x 695mm (27.4")
K+ Advanced Filter 24 36,000l 100l 12,000lph 2" 620mm (24") x 810mm (31.9")
K+ Advanced Filter 30 54,500l 150l 18,000lph 2" 750mm (30") x 995mm (39.2")
K+ Advanced Filter 36 91,000l 250l 30,000lph 2" 900mm (36") x 1050mm (41.3")
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