Marina Deluxe Aquarium Scraper

Two-sided algae scraper with planter fork and scraper blade

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  • Two-sided algae scraper
  • For acrylic and glass aquariums
  • 48 cm handle
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The Marina Deluxe Aquarium Scraper is an advanced scraper that will remove all algae and other deposits without damaging your tank.

This luxurious version has a 48cm handle that allows you to reach in to the darkest corners of your tank without getting your hands wet. The pole can be detached easily too, so every corner of your aquarium, however near or far can be cleaned.

The tool incorporates a 4 in 1 system and has multiple useful heads for the maximum amount of performance.

  • Two sided scraper - has a soft yellow side which removes soft algae or slime easily and the green abrasive side scrubs away tough dried on algae deposits.
  • Plastic scraper blade - removes hardened stains and can be used on both glass and acrylic aquariums too.
  • Planter fork - makes adding new plants or moving those in the aquarium an easy task.

As this tool can be used with both glass and plastic aquariums, it's an ideal addition to any kit.

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