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Get 10% OFF Swell own brand products with code: EASTERSWELL >

Swell Coarse Black Fish Nets

Fish nets designed for an array of fish keeping tasks

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  • Coarse fish net designed with a soft rubber handle
  • Available in four different sizes to suit many aquariums
  • Ideal to catch fish of all sizes
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Our selection of Coarse Black Fish Nets are designed with quality and performance in mind.

Ideal to catch fish of all sizes, these excellent nets will make the fishkeepers job much easier, The nets are available in four different sizes, so there is sure to be one for your aquarium. We do not recommend these nets for fry however, for use with baby fish, opt for the smaller Fluval Fine Fish Nets.

Each handle is made from soft rubber, which makes it easy and comfortable to handle when carrying out maintenance.

Product Size
Swell Coarse Black Net 4x3 4x3"
Swell Coarse Black Net 5x4 5x4"
Swell Coarse Black Net 6x5 6x5"
Swell Coarse Black Net 10x7 10x7"
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