Betta Easy Read Glass Thermometer

High-quality aquarium thermometer for monitoring your tank

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  • Easy to read glass thermometer for aquariums
  • Attaches to aquarium glass
  • Easy to read scale with "Acceptable temperature" band
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What is the Betta Easy Read Glass Thermometer?

The Betta Easy Read Glass Thermometer is a simple, yet accurate thermometer that will attach to the inside of your aquarium and allow you to monitor the temperature easily. A good quality glass thermometer is needed for any aquarium, especially a tropical fish community aquarium filled with sensitive species. This thermometer comes with a built-in heavy-duty suction cup to attach to the wall of your tank or to be easily moved around to measure multiple aquariums' water temperature.

How do I use the Betta Easy Read Thermometer?

In a community aquarium with species having different temperature requirements, consider the most sensitive species first. As a general rule, 21-27°C (indicated by the green band) is acceptable for most commonly kept tropical fish. To read the thermometer in the most accurate way, simply read the number at the meniscus (the lowest point of the water line).



Brand Betta
Material Glass


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