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  • Tap water treatment
  • Safe for all aquatic life
  • Available in a range of sizes
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This is one of the most concentrated dechlorinators so a bottle lasts for ages.

What is the Swell Dechlorinator?

The Swell Dechlorinator is designed to condition and treat tap water. It's fish-safe and treats up to 6,056 litres of water. A dechlorinator makes your pond water safe by removing dangerous levels of chlorine and chloramines, that are suitable for humans but not organisms as delicate as the ones in your pond or fish tank. This is one of the strongest dechlorinators on the market, so the bottle represents excellent value for money and treats more than most competiting bottles.

What are the benefits of using a pond dechlorinator?

To make tap water suitable for pond fish, the Swell Dechlorinator removes chlorine, chloramine, and other heavy metals. If these elements are not removed, fish can suffer burns to their gills and to the delicate mucus membrane that protects their skin. This leaves them susceptible to infections and diseases too. Using a dechlorinator efficiently and thoroughly removes these contaminants.



Product Swell Dechlorinator 236ml Swell Dechlorinator 473ml
Size 236ml 473ml
Treats Up to 6,056 litres Up to 12,112 litres
Dosage 10ml per 250 litres of pond water 10ml per 250 litres of pond water
Fish-safe Safe for all aquatic life Safe for all aquatic life


Application rates

30ml Treats up to 769 litres
60ml Treats up to 1539 litres
120ml Treats up to 3079 litres
473ml Treats up to 12112 litres

Pond size calculation: Length x Width x Max Depth in meters x 1000 = litres

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