Swell Treatment Pack

Keep your pond balanced and healthy

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  • Complete pond treatment kit
  • Treat Blanketweed and pond sludge
  • Dechlorinator removes toxins from tap water
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This pack is a one-stop shop for pond treatment essentials. It makes pond keeping easier than ever. Plus the delivery was really fast. Brilliant.

What is the Swell Treatment Pack?

The Swell Treatment Pack is an exclusive set of high-quality chemical and biological treatments designed to help you get a pond started and then keep it balanced and healthy. At Swell, our pond experts know just how hard it can be to use some of the treatments and kits on the market so we have specially tailored our Swell treatments for easy use. All of our treatments require little measurements and can be applied in seconds, giving you more time to enjoy your spectacular water garden.

What is included in the Swell Treatment Pack?

In the Swell Treatment Pack you’ll receive the following products:

Swell Dechlorinator A fish-safe tap water conditioner that treats up to 6,056 litres of water. This treatment removes chlorine and chloramines, which are potentially dangerous to fish and other pondlife. This is a particularly powerful dechlorinator and one of the strongest on the market.
Swell Control Sludge These water-soluble nuggets contain waste-eating bacteria that break down pond debris and the excrement of pondlife. This treatment removes the build-up of pond sludge, which can cause filter blockages and poor water quality.
Swell Control Blanketweed This natural additive reduces the levels of nitrate and phosphate within your water that Blanketweed thrives upon. It’s completely harmless to other pondlife and will also help to remove some common types of algae.

Why should I buy the Swell Treatment Pack?

Putting together a collection of treatments for your pond can be pretty tough, it’s hard to know which products work with each other and the dosage you need. Take all of the uncertainty out of pond maintenance with this simple set and save a little extra while you’re at it. This is a must-have for all pond owners.


Swell Dechlorinator Specifications

Size 236ml
Treats Up to 6,056 litres
Dosage 10ml per 250 litres of pond water
Fish-safe Safe for all aquatic life

Swell Control Sludge Specifications

Size 6 nuggets
Treats Up to 27,276 litres
Dosage 1 nuggets per 1000 gallons / 4546 litres
Fish-safe Safe for all aquatic life

Swell Control Blanketweed Specification

Size 6 x 28g sachets
Treats Up to 27,300 litres
Dosage 1 28g sachets per 1000 gallons / 4546 litres
Fish-safe Safe for all aquatic life
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