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Help and advice on shopping for: Double Ended UV Bulbs

High UV output for greater algae control

UV clarifier bulbs can help keep ponds crystal clear by killing the algae that cause green water. However, to work effectively they require replacement every spring because the bulb surface degrades over time causing the output of UV rays to drop. Most pondkeepers change their UV bulb in the spring or whenever they notice the UV performance starting to drop.

What are double ended UV bulbs?

Double ended UV units help maintain a healthy ecosystem, keeping the water clean of unwanted algae and plant waste. Put simply, the water continually passes through the UV light and halts the growth of algae. The algae cells clump together which makes them easier to filter, giving your pond excellent water clarity.

Why should I buy a double ended UV bulb?

In warmer months algae can be a real problem for pondkeepers. It's always best to be prepared so when you buy a Swell UV bulb we throw in another absolutely free. The main benefit of using the UV light with your pond kit is that it treats algae and pathogens in the water. The ultraviolet light forces the algae cells to clump together and, as such, they are easier for the filter to remove. Beyond water becoming crystal-clear, a UV bulb will provide the ideal habitat for fish and other pond wildlife.

What are the main types of double ended UV bulbs?

Generally, the main split between double ended UV bulbs is their size. T8 bulbs are somewhat thicker and wider, whereas the T5 style is slimmer in appearance. Both perform equally as well as the other, however, it is important to make sure you have the right size. When you remove the bulb from your unit, take a look at the tube for more information.

What features should I look for?

Although many bulbs look similar, getting the wattage right is just as crucial as the length and pin type. 15 Watt and 25-Watt double-ended bulbs look identical, but a 15-Watt unit won't power a 25-Watt bulb, and vice versa.

What accessories should I buy with a double ended UV bulb?

When it comes to UV bulbs, we recommend protecting them from the water with a compatible quartz sleeve. You can also test your pond water chemistry to ensure your pond conditions are not optimised for algae growth. Our kits will test for levels of ammonia, nitrates and pH. Using one of these will allow you to note any spikes and monitor your water.