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  • Compact UV Clarifier for clearing pond water
  • A guaranteed solution to green water and algae
  • A variety of models to suit most ponds

Best price around, delivery was good. The item was packaged well.


What is the TMC Pro Clear Ultima?

The TMC Pro Clear is a step up from most garden pond UV clarifiers. Incredibly efficient, this UV pond clarifier forces suspended algae particles to fuse together, allowing them to be collected and destroyed by your biological filtration system, rather than just pass through it unchecked. With a two year guarantee, this pond UV unit is durable, safe and gets the best results.

What are the key features of this UV Clarifier?

The TMC Pro Clear pond UV units are designed to be positioned either on their base, on a suitable flat surface, or attached horizontally to a vertical surface in large ponds using the brackets provided, this professional standard UV clarifier will actively and efficiently remove the green water tinge to your pond by destroying free-floating algae particles. The casing also offers many benefits as it is totally weatherproof and allows easy checking via the blue clear ends.

What comes with the TMC Pro Clear Ultima?

Each TMC Pro Clear Ultima is supplied with dual inlet/outlet fittings allowing your Pro Clear to be fitted in the most convenient position available, giving you more control over your filtration systems and the overall look of your pond.

How do UV clarifiers work?

Exposure to UV light causes the algae in your pond to fuse together and be collected by your filter media in your main filter box, something it struggles to do without the aid of pond uv clarifiers like the TMC Pro Clear.

Product Pond size Max flow rate Guarantee Cable Inlet and outlet size Replacement UV
Pro Clear UV30 27000 l 13500 lph 2 year 5m 40 mm Swell 30W
Pro Clear UV55 45000 l 18000 lph 2 year 5m 40 mm Swell 55W
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