TMC Pro Pond Titan UV

Photocatalytically enhanced UV clarifier for ponds

At a glance...
  • 1.5 times more effective than a standard UV clarifier
  • Neautralises water born algae and oxidises organic compounds
  • Utilises high-quality 55W UV lamps
A great investment and UV steriliser for ridding your water of green algae.

What is the TMC Pro Pond Titan UV?

The TMC Pro Pond Titan UV uses the latest photocatalytically enhanced UV technology to clear green water fast and is up to 1.5 times more effective than a standard UV clarifier. Suitable for ponds up to 108,000l with a maximum flow rate of 36,000lph, this UV clarifier features 55W high-quality UV lamps and is safe for pond life.

What are the features of the Titan UV pond clarifier?

With its ultra-low toxicity, the TMC Pro Pond Titan UV clarifier is built using a specially formulated high UV stabilised compound. The special lining offers excellent UV transmittance and a fused quartz glass sleeve ensures that the lamps reach their optimum temperature. The transparent caps allow direct viewing of your working UV lamps and the modular design makes maintenance a breeze. Each lamp is chambered for optimum efficiency and contact time. The plastic body has a prolonged life due to the UV shield.

How does this pond UV clarifier work?

Upon entering the clarifier, green water reacts with the photocatalytic lining to generate hydroxyl radicals which are then oxidized by the UV light. As a result, the reaction neutralizes single-celled algae, organic matter, odours, and microorganisms, thus destroying phenol and other pollutants and leaving behind clear water and harmless carbon dioxide. The reaction is instantaneous and completely contained with no harmful by-products leaving the UV unit.

Suitable for ponds up to 108,000 l
Max. flow rate 36,000 lph
UV lamps 55W
Inlet/outlet 2” and 63 mm (dual port size)
Max. pressure rating 3bar/43.5psi
Dimensions L:964 x W:367 x H:109mm
Country of origin UK
Hosetails included 2
Instruction manual Yes
Pondlife safe Yes
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