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Swell Pro Series Koi Clay

Pond treatment that helps deepen Koi colours

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  • Natural Montmorillonite clay powder to intensify Koi colours
  • Boosts fish health and enhances appetite
  • Improves pond water quality in a Koi pond
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A pond treatment that boosts the immune system and improves overall fish health of your Koi. Koi Clay also helps to clarify pond water.

What is Swell Pro Series Koi Clay?

Swell Pro Series Koi Clay is a natural Montmorillonite Clay that helps to deepen Koi fish colours and adds lustre to white colours. This pond treatment boosts fish and other pond inhabitants' health by removing toxins, absorbing impurities in the water and improving water clarity. Swell Pro Series Koi Clay is available in a resealable 1 kg bag and is suitable to use with all pond inhabitants.

What are the benefits of using this pond treatment?

With its many benefits, Koi owners often use Swell Pro Series Koi Clay because it clarifies water, balances pond pH, and controls waste build-up by improving your pond fish's digestion of fish food. The minerals contained in Koi Clay pond treatment adds and replenishes the trace minerals and trace elements found in your pond. In addition to stimulating appetite, it enhances skin quality and improves pigmentation.

Directions for use:

To add Koi Clay to your pond, mix the amount in a separate bucket of pond water first, then pour it into the pond. This will cause a milk appearance, which will clear within 24 hours.

First two weeks:Use 1 level teaspoon (15g) for 4,000 litres of pond water, adding every other day for 14 days (7 doses).

For ongoing use: Add 15g per 4,000 litres twice a week. Swell Pro Series Koi Clay can be used weekly all year round.

Bag size 1 kg


Composition: Montmorillonite Mineral Clay

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