NT Labs Koi Care Mediclay

Treatment that contains pure Montmorillonite clay

At a glance...
  • Clay treatment for optimum health
  • Stimulates appetite and enhances skin quality
  • Clarifies water and controls build-up of waste
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Koi Care Mediclay is a specialised treatment from Koi experts NT Labs that contains unique, pure Montmorillonite clay. This clay contains trace elements that improve skin condition and colours revealing optimum health.

Trace elements are naturally depleted from the water, therefore using Mediclay will regulate conditions making for healthier and happier fish.

Algae growth is also controlled, keeping the water in your pond cleaner and clearer for longer. It is ideal to use weekly to maintain a clear pond and support weak or recuperating fish. For the best conditions use alongside a dechlorinator to remove chlorine and chloramine.

Key Features:

  • Includes revitalising clay
  • Improves appetite
  • Reduces risk of algae
  • Improves overall heath and colouration

Dosage: Add 110g powder for every 5,000L of pond water every week for best results.

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