Tetra Water Test Set

Determines five water parameters reliably and precisely

At a glance...
  • Reliable and accurate water test set
  • Tests for pH, carbonate hardness, general hardness, NO2 and CO2
  • Liquid test
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Reliable and accurate, the Laborett Testing Kit from aquaria experts Tetra, provides professional measurement of the most important aquarium water parameters:

  • pH
  • Carbonate Hardness
  • General Hardness
  • Nitrite
  • Carbon Dioxide

The Tetra Laborett Kit includes;

  • pH Freshwater 2 x 10ml test reagents.
  • KH 1 x 20ml test reagents
  • GH 1 x 20ml test reagents
  • NO2 2 x 10ml test reagents
  • CO2 Calculation Chart
  • 4 Test Vials
  • Water Withdrawal Syringe
  • Colour Scales and Instruction Booklet with recommendations and helpful tips
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