Spend and Save up to £18 this Christmas - SEE CODES.>

Spend and Save up to £18 this Christmas - SEE CODES. >

Tetra Nitrate Test Kit

Test your aquarium water parameters

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  • Measures the nitrate value reliably and precisely
  • Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Liquid test
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Nitrate is the end product of biological filtration and the result of decomposition of nitrite. It can also be present in tap water supplies. It is a key cause of algae growth and in high concentrations can cause fish and plant health problems as they are starved of nutrients.

Use the Nitrate Test Kit every 1-2 weeks to monitor levels properly and use Tetra Nitrate Minus to remedy the problem. In a new set up you may need to test every few days to make sure that the filtration system is working properly.

This kit uses a colour change system to give accurate results, simply compare your findings to the colour chart included.

Key Features:

  • 3 x reagents
  • 1 x measuring vial
  • 1 x pipette
  • Colour chart
  • Full instructions
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