EcoPond Foam Free

Treats foam build-up in your garden pond or water feature

At a glance...
  • Treatment that gets rid of unsightly foam build-up on pond surfaces
  • Fish-safe formula made from plant extracts
  • 250ml treats up to 10,000 litres
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EcoPond Foam Free pond treatment rids your garden pond or water feature of a foam build-up.

Non toxic and mineral based, the treatment has been formulated to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to neutralise foam and keep the water clear. It works by moving the surface of the pond, dislodging the foam naturally and safely. Using plant extracts, it is one of the most organic and safe products around.

Formally known as AquaHydrotech, pond treatment is also ideal to use when performing water changes or topping up water levels, as a preventative measure. It has no effect on biological pond filters so is safe to use at any time. It leaves no trace or residue for a sparkling clean pond or feature.

Key Features:

  • A natural solution for the control of foam in your pond
  • Formula made from plant extracts
  • No synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides
  • Safe to fish, pets, wildlife, plants & children

Dosage: -

  • 20 ml whenever foam occurs. Simply add to the effected area
Product Size Treats
Foam Free 250ml 250ml 4,500litres (1000 Gallons)
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