Tetra Pond WaterBalance

An all-round treatment to protect the health of your pond

At a glance...
  • Stabilising pond treatment for maintaining optimum conditions
  • Reduces phosphates, replenishes KH and balances pH
  • Boosts the self-cleaning capacity of water
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Tetra Pond WaterBalance helps maintain the correct water conditions, keeping your pond balanced and healthy. The special formula works to reduce phosphates, replenish carbonate hardness (KH) and stabilise pH.

WaterBalance will also replenishes essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to create healthy pond conditions for fish, plants, and micro-organisms to thrive.

Size Available: 500ml

Key Features:

  • Water conditioner for a natural and biological balance in ponds
  • Creates ideal and stable water values: stabilises pH and carbonate hardness KH while reducing phosphate
  • Contains trace elements, vitamins and organic substances for fish, plants and microorganisms
  • Boosts the self-cleaning capacity of the water
  • Helps improve water quality
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