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Swell UK Fountain Accessory Set

Four high-quality fountain head attachments

At a glance...
  • Accessory kit for pond and fountain pumps
  • Includes four different fountain heads
  • Stepped hose attachment for compatibility
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This set is fantastic, I love switching the nozzles in and out to surprise my friends and family.

Which nozzles are included in the Swell Replacement Nozzle Set?

The Swell Replacement Nozzle Set includes four different fountain heads each of which creates a range of spectacular effects. All of the fountain heads are wind-resistant and ideal for aerating small, medium and large bodies of water. Alongside the fountain heads are two fountain attachments, a hosetail adaptor and an adjustable T-piece junction. 

Will my fountain pump work with the Swell Replacement Nozzle Set?

This kit is designed to be flexible, thanks to a stepped hose adaptor. It will work with almost any fountain pump, including most of the Pontec range and Swell’s own selection of fountain pumps. The kit is designed to work with pumps of a max flow rate of up to 3,400lph. 

How do I connect the Swell Replacement Nozzle Set to my fountain pump?

The Swell Replacement Nozzle Set connects via a stepped male connection that pushes into your pump's female outlet; you will need to give it some force to form a watertight seal.



Effect Vulkan / Jet / Calyx / Bell
Optimum flow rate 720-3,400Iph
Number of heads 4
Maximum fountain height 270cm
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