Oase Pump Shield Net

Increase the lifespan of your Oase pond pump

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  • Shield net for Oase pond pumps
  • Protects pump from debris and wildlife
  • Easy to fit design
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What is an Oase Pump Shield Net?

An Oase Pump Shield Net is a mesh bag that is fitted around your pond pump to protect it from large pieces of dirt and debris as well as your pond life. The net is lightweight, durable and easy to fit.

Key Features:

  • A sheild mesh bag for Oase pond pumps
  • Protects your pump from debris and even wildlife
  • 1.5mm mesh size
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Drawstring closing mechanism
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • May also be used for some other submersible pumps
  • 50cm x 50cm bag

How do I fit the Oase Pump Shield Net?

The Oase Pump Shield Net uses a drawstring mechanism, simply place your pump inside the net bag and close the drawstring around your outlet pipe. The Oase Pump Shield net was created for the Oase range of pumps but it is actually suitable for other submersible pumps that could be covered by a 50cm x 50cm mesh bag. 

Do I need an Oase Pump Shield Net?

Sometimes you may find your pump getting blocked with debris, or if you have any small widlife like tadpoles, newts, or fish fry you may be afraid for their safety with a pond pump in the same water. The Oase Pump Sheild Net is great for protecting your pump and pondlife as well as giving you piece of mind with its 1.5mm mesh size that it will prevent blockages and damage to the pump.



Material Mesh fabric
Colour Black
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