Hozelock Cascade Pond Pumps

A versatile water fountain pump complete with accessories

At a glance...
  • High efficiency motor for low running costs and long life
  • Complete with telescopic fountain extension
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit different types of ponds

What are Hozelock Cascade Pond Pumps?

Hozelock Cascade Pond Pumps come in various models to suit everything from small water features to garden pond fountains, and combined fountains and waterfalls. They're versatile water feature pumps with flow controls that can adjust the size of your fountain and/or waterfall. They also come with a special outlet for a waterfall or water feature with quick connect hose coupling and a telescopic fountain pipe.

There are four models to choose from in this Hozelock Cascade range, with maximum flow rates ranging from 450 lph to 4,000 lph. All these pond pumps come with a 3-year guarantee.

What sets the Cascade range apart from alternatives?

These pond pumps feature a multi-blade impeller that is powerful and robust, have low running costs, and come with various fittings and fixtures. You'll need some ribbed anti-kink pond hose and some hose clips (sold separately) to keep the hose firmly attached to the pump, though.

All pond pumps in this range come complete with a telescopic fountain stem and a selection of distinctive fountain displays, including a bell jet on the Cascade 700 upwards. The Cascade 700 can power a small waterfall, while the 4000 will create a fast-moving torrent. The Cascade 1500 and 4000 also come with a T-Piece that enables simultaneous fountain and waterfall use.

Key Features:

  • High efficiency motor for low running costs and long life
  • Flow controls to adjust size of fountain and waterfall independently
  • Ball joint for fountain stem angle adjustment
  • Anti-clog foam free inlet cage reduces maintenance
  • Special outlet for waterfall or water feature with quick connect hose coupling
  • Telescopic fountain pipe
  • 3-year guarantee

What is a telescopic extension pole?

A telescopic extension pole allows you to extend the fountain height to your needs. It also has a ball joint at its base, allowing you to change the angle of your fountain.

Which pumps are best for water features?

The Cascade 450 and 700 are designed for small water features and can be used to power either a trickling waterfall or a small fountain using the small two-tier and three-tier fountain heads included. These have a pump stand for extra stability, flow control to adjust the output, and an adjustable height telescopic fountain extension.

Which models are best for garden pond fountains?

The Cascade 1500 and Cascade 4000 are designed for small and medium-sized garden ponds. These larger fountain pumps have an additional T-piece connector below the telescopic fountain height adjustment pipe where a hose can be attached, allowing you to power an optional filter or waterfall, as well as the fountain. These units have the same useful features as the 450 and 700 models, plus a large foam-free, anti-clog cage that makes maintenance a lot easier.

Please note the following:

  • To comply with UK electrical legislation, these pond pumps are NOT supplied with a fitted plug. You'll have to purchase a fitted plug separately.
  • The pond pump's impeller is a consumable part that, over time, can wear down. This component is not covered by the guarantee on the pond pump. A spare can be purchased as and when required, though.


Energy efficiency A*
Cable length 10m
Thermal cut off Yes
Solids handling capacity None
Fountain heads included Yes
Fitted plug To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances can't be supplied with a fitted plug, so you'll need to purchase one separately or wire it into an outdoor plug socket.
Guarantee 3 years

Specification and Performance Data

Model Wattage Max Fountain Height Max Flow Rate Flow Rate at 1m Max Head Height Waterfall Width Fountain Height When Combined With Waterfall Waterfall Width When Combined With Fountain
450 10 0.63m 450 lph - 1m - - -
700 13 0.75m 700 lph 120 lph 1.2m - - -
1500 33 1.2m 1,500 lph 900 lph 1.8m 0.12m 0.55m 0.1m
4000 44 1.6m 4,000 lph 2,800 lph 2.1m 0.3m 1.2m 0.25
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