Cloverleaf Blanket Answer

An effective algae and blanket weed treatment

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  • Stop algae and blanket weed growth and keep pond water clear
  • Contains unique mix of minerals and enzymes
  • Safe for pond fish and pond plants
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What is this blanket weed treatment?

This effective blanket weed treatment from industry experts Cloverleaf contains a unique blend of minerals and enzymes, specially designed to stop blanket weed growth.

This blanket weed treatment is suitable to use in all types of garden ponds, from small wildlife ponds to large Koi ponds. It's also safe to use with pond fish and pond plants.

What is blanket weed?

Most pond keepers will have come across blanket weed algae at some point in their pond keeping careers, whether that be in their own pond or a friend's or family member's.

There a few different types of algae that come under this blanket weed category, including common varieties like blue green algae, string algae, and filamentous algae. These are generally free floating algae that, if left unchecked, can quickly take over the surface of your pond.

A pond covered in a layer of free floating algae not only looks bad, but is typically very unhealthy too. Too much algal growth can block light getting to your aquatic plants, starving them of the energy they need to photosynthesise and stopping plant growth.

Blanket weed can also dramatically reduce oxygen levels in your pond. A reduction in oxygen levels is very bad for your pond fish and can prove fatal if you don't act quickly and use a treatment to combat blanket weed.

How do blanket weed treatments work?

This Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is the most popular blanket weed treatment available and has been voted as the number one choice to combat blanket weed in a survey conducted on pond ownders.

It works by releasing a large amount of beneficial bacteria into your pond. These beneficial bacteria help to break down excess nutrients in your pond, starving blanket weed of the nutrients it needs to grow and take over your pond's surface.

These excess nutrients typically come from fish waste, plant debris, and dead algae that sinks to the bottom of your pond and starts to rot. By adding extra beneficial bacteria to your pond, this treatment not only helps to combat blanket weed, but prevent blanket weed too.

Is this blanket weed treatment safe to use?

Yes, Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is completely safe to use with all types of pond fish, pond plants, and biological pond filtration systems. You can also use this blanket weed treatment alongside UV filtration units.

How do I dose this blanket weed treatment?

This blanket weed treatment from Cloverleaf is incredibly easy to use, just follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Take the measuring scoop provided and add one level scoop to a bucket or watering can full of water.
  • One level scoop will treat 285 litres of pond water, add more scoops if necessary.
  • After adding, mix well and pour evenly over your pond surface.
  • This treatment may leave your pond water looking a little murky, but this should clear after a few days.
  • It's important you keep your pond water well oxygenated while administering this treatment.
  • To do this, raise your pond pump to agitate your pond's surface or add an air pump and airstone.
  • As soon as your add this blanket weed treatment to your pond it will get to work, clearing your pond's surface of string algae, blue green algae, and other unsightly algaes.
  • Always wash your hands after using this blanket weed treatment and store in dry conditions away from treatment.

This blanket weed treatment from Cloverleaf is available in three tub sizes: 800g, 2kg, and 4kg. These blanket weed treatments are able to treat ponds from 10,000-50,000L.

While it can be used for the majority of the year, this Cloverleaf Blanket Answer isn't really effective at low temperatures. For something that'll work at low temperatures around 2°C, check out Cloverleaf's updated formula, Blanket Answer All Season.

After using this blanket weed treatment to get rid of blanket weed, it's recommended you use Cloverleaf Prevent Blanketweed to stop algal growth in its tracks and prevent blanket weed from coming back.

You can also use this blanket weed treatment in conjunction with natural products like barley straw. You can pick up barley straw in bales that are easily placed in your pond and effectively control algae growth.

Amount Treats
40 g 200ml
200 g 2,500L
800 g Up to 10,000L
2 kg Up to 25,000L
4 kg Up to 50,000L
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