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A powerful Blanketweed treatment

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  • Natural solution to controlling blanketweed algae
  • Easy to use, no measuring required
  • Each water-soluble sachet treats up to 4546 litres of pond water
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What is the Swell Control Blanketweed?

Swell Control Blanketweed contains a mixture of friendly bacteria that can help reduce the levels of nutrients which encourage Blanketweed to grow in your garden pond. In addition to being easy to dose and use with no measuring required, this Blanketweed treatment can be simply dropped into your pond or pond filter once a week during spring, summer and autumn. It is also completely chemical-free making it wildlife and aquatic life safe.

Available as a buy one get one free deal, the Swell Control Blanketweed control contains water-soluble sachets and each sachet treats up to 1000 gallons/4546 litres of pond water. Swell Control Blanketweed is completely harmless, it’s safe to add a whole sachet to smaller ponds or use multiple sachets in a larger pond.

What are the benefits of using a Blanketweed treatment?

Pond algae treatments work gently by releasing bacteria into the water to help clear up excess nutrients, helping to starve the algae. Control Blanketweed from Swell UK provides a 2-in-1 formulation approach to pond maintenance. The special combination of bacteria helps reduce nitrate and phosphate levels, aid the break-down of bottom sludge and odours, and helps to make your pond water less murky. The bacteria will reduce excess fish food, fish waste, toxic nutrients such as ammonia and nitrite plus problem causing nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate.

What causes Blanketweed?

Blanketweed is a type of algae, scientifically called filamentous algae. It's also commonly known as string algae. Being algae, Blanketweed needs light, water and food to survive. Without those three ingredients, it won’t get started in the first place. Controlling two of them can help tackle it once established. The commonest way it comes into the pond is on aquatic plants like water lilies, although it can become established in ponds with no pond plants whatsoever, like Koi ponds, so its spores are probably airborne. As well as using a blanket weed treatment, we recommend using a Blanketweed brush for larger ponds to remove string algae and floating algae.

Dosing guide:

For best results, use a double dose the first time you use the algae treatment. Place the sachet in an area of flowing water, such as in the filter or near a waterfall and ensure that your pond is well filtered and aerated, particularly at night, when oxygen levels drop. Use when the temperatures are above 10°C/50°F and apply every 1-2 weeks, or as needed, to keep your water clean and healthy.

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6 x 28g sachets treat 27,300 l/6,000 gallons
1 sachet treats 4546 l/1000 gallons
Application Every 1-2 weeks, or as needed


Salt and beneficial pond bacteria strains.

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