Blagdon Pond Blanketweed Algaway

Treat Blanketweed and String algae to promote pond plant growth

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  • Blanketweed pond treatment
  • No need to switch off UV and no cloudy water
  • Easy dose tub makes application a breeze
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When it comes to dealing with algae in my pond, there's nothing better than Blanketweed Algaway.

What is Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway?

Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway is an easy to use Blanketweed treatment for all ponds. The treatment uses special minerals and enzymes to prevent algae growth and clear your pond surface of weeds like Blanketweed and String algae without discolouring your pond water. It also encourages pond plant growth, helping you to fill your pond surface with beneficial pond plant growth, wildlife and decor, free of invasive algae. This treatment can also be used alongside many types of pond equipment, including UV clarifiers, so there’s no need to shut anything off as you dose your pond. Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway comes in both a 623g and 2610g tub so you can stock up on the right amount to keep your pond a healthy pond.

Why should I buy Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway?

Blanketweed, String algae and other surface weeds and algae can prevent gas exchange and block light from reaching into your pond, stifling fish and pond plant growth. This can cause fish to become stressed and ultimately affect their overall health. An effective treatment like Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway can prevent the accumulation of surface weeds and algae and ensure your fish thrive. This treatment comes with an easy to use dose tub, so even amateurs will find it straightforward.

How do I use Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway and get rid of the dead algae?

It’s easy to add Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway to your pond. Simply take a bucket of water from your pond and add the amount you require, following the instructions on the tub to determine the amount needed. Mix the treatment into the water in the bucket then pour the mixture into your pond, distributing as much Blanket Weed Algaway as possible throughout your water. This should be done once a week until the algae are gone and then as needed. As the algae die they should fall into your pond water and then the dead algae will be slowly filtered out by your pond filter.

Is Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway right for my pond?

Blagdon Pond Blanket Weed Algaway can be used in any pond, no matter what type of fish or hardware are within it. This treatment will also encourage healthy plant growth so it is a good choice for a planted pond.



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