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  • Clean pods for the Blagdon Clean Pond Machine
  • Treatment gets rid of blanketweed and pond sludge
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Blagdon Clean Pond Machine UV Filter System, building on 10 years of development, has been designed to tackle pond problems which pondkeepers have been struggling with for decades. The Clean Pond Machine is an easy to use and maintain system which deals with green water, brown water, blanketweed, sludge and encourages healthy plants. It features a patented direct to filter pod dosing system which introduces bacteria and enzymes directly to the waste in the oxygen rich filter chamber, effectively reducing filter cleaning and pond sludge.

These 5 in 1 pond pods:

  • Clear blanketweed.
  • Reduce filter cleaning.
  • Feed aquatic plants.
  • Eat pond sludge.
  • Make tapwater safe for top ups.

Use when: Cotton wool like green string algae chokes the pond. Pond is dirty/filter requires excessive cleaning/sludge builds up. Topping up with tap water (up to 10% volume). Lillies and plants are looking unhealthy.

Acts against: Blanketweed/string algae and consumes sludge to reduce pond and filter cleaning. Removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals in tap water. Feeds aquatic plants.


1. Calculate your pond's volume using the following calculation in metres: Length x width x average depth x 1000 = Litres, divide by 4.54 for gallons.

2. If using the pods in conjunction with the Clean Pond Machine, clean the filter as described in the product instructions.

3. Each pod doses up to 500ltrs (110gals). Add the required amount of pods into the dosing chamber of the Clean Pond Machine. Place into the filter box if using a different filter type or into an area of high water flow in the pond.

4. Always add the pods prior to topping up with tap water, if required.

5. The water-soluble film will rapidly dissolve to release the active ingredients into the pond. NOTE: This will take longer when water temperature is low.

6. Repeat the dose after 2 weeks and then dose monthly or as and when required thereafter. Cease using Clean Pond Pods once water temperatures drop below 10ºC. NOTE: Clean Pond Pods will work with any pond or filter.

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