Bottom Drains

Bottom drains help and advice

The ultimate drainage solution

Bottom drains, as the name suggests, are drains located at the bottom of the pond. Bottom drains create great flow and are a fantastic way to incorporate a filter into your watercourse. At Swell UK we stock bottom drains from top brands like Spindrifter and Yamitsu.

What are bottom drains?

Bottom drains are drains installed at the bottom of your pond to remove all the dirt and debris such as leaves and fish waste. Some lead to a filter that deposits the grime into a separate compartment, whilst pumping clean water back into the pond. They are relatively easy to install and can really make a difference to a busy pond.

Why should I buy bottom drains?

Bottom drains filter out the waste from fish and dead plants that collect on your pondbed. Many of these forms of waste give off harmful toxins that pollute the water, deoxygenating it and eventually harming, if not killing, any other pondlife that relies on the oxygen in the water to breathe. With a bottom drain, you can ensure waste doesn't build up and your pondlife remains healthy.

What are the main types of bottom drains?

Bottom drains come in two types; one-way bottom drains and two-way bottom drains. One-way bottom drains take water from the bottom of your pond to be filtered and replaced at another point while two-way bottom drains are designed to take water out and up to a filter and replace it with clean oxygenated water. Generally, two-way bottom drains are more expensive than one-way bottom drains.

What features should I look out for?

You need to know if your bottom drain will work with your current watercourse. Some bottom drains can only be used on a specific type of pondbed with specific pumps and piping, such as the Spindrifer Aerated Bottom Drain which is designed for use with the Evolution Aqua Air Tech Pump and concrete ponds, while others are much more flexible. It is also worth checking that the bottom pump you are buying is suitable for the volume of the pond you are installing it in to avoid damage.

What accessories should I buy with bottom drains?

Bottom drains must be paired with a pump and a filter. They must also be installed beneath the pond so you may want to consider some pond electricals, like switches and control boxes, to avoid the need to keep accessing beneath your pond regularly.