Swell Variety Pond Sticks

A mixture of different pond sticks to suit all fish

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  • A variety of pond sticks for all fish
  • A mix of essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy growth
  • Large 10kg bags keeps you stocked up for longer
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If you have a wide variety of fish in your pond this is a great option as it contains a little something to suit all fish tastes.

What are Swell Variety Pond Sticks?

Swell Variety Pond Sticks are a floating pond fish food made up of a variety of floating food sticks including both our Koi sticks and standard floating food sticks. This mixture of sticks is designed to offer a varied and interesting diet to your fish that suits different fish and their needs. The sticks are designed to stay solid within the water and slowly soften for easy eating.

What are the benefits of Swell Variety Pond Sticks?

The three different food sticks in this pack offer a range of benefits to your fish. The standard floating food sticks offer complete nutrition to your fish while the Koi sticks meet the specialist needs of Koi carp. The wheatgerm sticks add fibre to the diet of your fish, promoting good digestion and reducing waste in your water. All of the variety sticks within this varied diet float so you can easily monitor the amount your fish have eaten and remove any that are left to ensure clear water.

How do I use Swell Variety Pond Sticks?

Our feeding guide for these variety sticks recommends that you feed them to your fish two or three times a day. These sticks are suitable for feeding from 10C. However, you will need to remove any excess uneaten food and store the Swell Variety Pond Sticks in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.



Suitable for All pond fish
Pellet type Sinking pellet


Composition: Cereals, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, meat and animal derivatives, minerals, fish and fish derivatives.

Nutritional additives (per kg): vitamin a 6000 iu, vitamin d3 3500 iu, vitamin e 230mg

Trace elements: iron (ferrous sulphate monohydrate) 20mg, copper (cupric sulphate pentahydrate) 5mg, manganese (manganous sulphate monohydrate) 50mg, zinc (zinc sulphate monohydrate) 50mg, iodine (calcium iodate anhydrous) 3mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.2mg.

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 23%, crude fat 5%, crude fibre 3%, crude ash 7.5%

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