Swell Pond Netting

Black pond cover nets to protect your garden pond against predators

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  • Durable pond nets with fixing pegs
  • Provides protection from predators such as herons
  • Four sizes available
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Always fast delivery and good value for money on all goods sold. I have purchased from Swell for several years now and highly recommend their service and good value.
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What is Swell Pond Netting?

Swell Pond Netting is an extremely durable set of pond netting and fixing pegs designed to protect your pond fish from predators and debris. Each net blends in with your pond, covers the surface in a fine, protective mesh and is easily set up, thanks to the extra-large fixing pegs. The netting looks great too, both the net and pegs are coloured black to be as subtle as possible and the square mesh has been designed to offer a complete view of your pond while still proving effective.

Please note: This netting is not sufficient to stop children from falling into your pond. Use a suitable pond guard or pond covers and constant supervision to keep young children safe.

Why do I need pond netting?

Pond nets are used by fish keepers to protect against predators and keep their ponds clean during the winter months. The netting is a fantastic deterrent for a range of common predators like cats, herons and other birds - especially when used alongside other products like heron deterrents. The netting is also an easy way to reduce the load on filters during the autumn months, when leaves or debris can fall into your pond, causing blockages and other problems.

Can I use this netting for anything else?

Yes, this pond netting can also be used around the garden to protect plants and vegetables from common pests and birds. It is common for some gardeners and pond keepers to reuse their netting, covering plants in the spring and summer months and then covering their ponds in the autumn and winter months.



Brand Swell
Colour Black


Model Net Size
SWLA0473 6x10m
SWLA0472 6x4m
SWLA0471 4x3m
SWLA0470 3x2m
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