Aqua One Phos & Nitrate Reducer Beads

Protect your aquarium from harmful phosphates and nitrates

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  • Filter media for freshwater and tropical aquariums
  • Reduces the presence of phosphates and nitrates in water
  • Each pack includes a useful media bag
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Phos and Nitrate Reducer Beads are perfect for removing unwanted phosphates and nitrates from your aquarium water, which in turn will reduce the algae growth you get, including Slime algae.

These Reducer Beads come in a large 1400g tub, and include a reusable media net bag to make them super easy to use. Just fill the media nag with your required amount, depending on what can fit into your specific filter, and place into an empty filter chamber. The media bag means it's easy to put them in, keeps them contained within the right space and ensures they can escape and block the filter at all, as well as being super easy to take out to change with fresh new ones as needed.

These Reducer Beads are Ferric Oxide based, helping to maintain low phosphate levels that can be a problem from overfeeding, poor quality fish food, or decaying plant matter. By removing this, it ensures fresh and clear water as there are less nutrients available for algae to feed upon. The smooth bead shape is ideal for optimal water flow over them, making them super efficient.

These are suitable for any freshwater system, both Coldwater and Tropical .

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