Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover Media

High-performance anti-phosphate resin

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  • Prevents the growth of algae
  • Suitable for use in freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Removes phosphate and silicate without adding any aluminium
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What is Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover Media?

The Swell Aquarium Phosphate Remover Media is filter media designed to reduce the levels of phosphate in your tank. If your phosphate levels are too high then it is necessary to use this media to remove the excess, as it will remove phosphate and silicate quickly and does not contain any aluminium. It can also help reduce bad odours from a dirty filter or left over food particles. When phosphate levels are higher than 1mg/litre this will create ideal conditions for the growth of algae so it is best to use this filter media to prevent algae from growing in your aquarium.

What are the benefits of this media?

  • Reduces the growth of algae in your aquarium
  • Eliminates bad odours caused by a dirty filter or leftover food
  • Creates a safer environment for your fish and plants

How much phosphate is safe for your aquarium?

The concentration of phosphate in the aquarium water should not exceed 1mg/litre, anything above this will create the ideal conditions for algae which can smother any plants you have in the tank while also blocking light and deprive your plants of CO2 and nutrients. For your freshwater aquarium the phosphate levels should be below 1mg/litre and for your marine aquairum the levels should not exceed 0.1mg/litre

How do you use this media?

To use, add 350 grams of the resin for every 400 litres of water to remove 1 mg/litre of phosphate or silicate. After one week, test the phosphate and silicate levels and if they have not changed, remove the resin and use a new one. 

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