Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover Media

Regulates aquarium nitrate levels with ease

At a glance...
  • Contains many organic compounds that inhibit the growth of algae
  • Suitable for freshwater and marine use
  • Promotes anaerobic bacteria growth to reduce the nitrate levels
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What is Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover Media?

Nitrate (NO3) is produced by the nitrification process, which converts toxic nitrite into harmless nitrate. For sensitive fish species, it is recommended to keep the nitrate level below 20 mg/l. However, it is acceptable to keep the nitrate level around 50mg/l for other fish species in order to control algae growth.

What are the benefits of this media?

  • Helps control the nitrate levels of your aquarium
  • Contains organic compounds that inhibit the growth of algae
  • Encourages the growth of anaerobic bacterica
  • Perfect for use in either a freshwater or a marine aquarium

How does the Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover Media help your tank?

The Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover Media helps improve nitrate control in your aquarium, it is a granular medium that adsorbs ammonia directly in freshwater and encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria to reduce nitrate levels in both marine and freshwater aquariums. This product also contains gluconate, sugars, and other organic compounds which inhibit the growth of algae, especially canobacteria.

What else can you do to lower nitrate levels?

  • Regular water changes of around 10% every two weeks
  • Monthly cleaning of the gravel via syphoning
  • Regularly checking and cleaning the filter
  • Performing monthly nitrate tests


To use this product, apply 240 grams of it to remove 20mg/L of NO3 in 50 litres of water volume.

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