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Seachem De Nitrate

Filter medium that removes nitrates, nitrates, ammonia and organics

At a glance...
  • Filter medium that removes nitrates, nitrates and ammonia
  • Provides support for biological filter
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater tanks
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Seachem De Nitrate will work tirelessly to remove algae causing nitrates from your aquarium. As it has a large surface area and a porous surface, the media supports a large bacteria growth which helps eradicate nitrates. The media works by providing both aerobic nitrification (bacteria that oxidises nitrates) at the surface and then anaerobic de-nitrification as it passes through the media core, this means that nitrates are trapped and then starved of oxygen, destroying them as it develops. Seachem De Nitrate is a great biological filter medium and works well in drip trays, canister filters, sumps and box filters. So it is sure to be useful, whatever type of aquarium and filtration system you have. Directions:

Key Features:

  • Removes algae causing nitrates
  • Works in dip trays, Canister Filters, sumps and box filters


500ml of De Nitrate treats around 100 - 200 litres of water, depending on the initial nitrate level. If the nitrate level is above 20 mg/L, then bring it down with water changes before using the remover. Rinse the product before use. Place it in an area of high water flow, although not exceeding 200lph, for best results.

After several days of use, nitrate levels should drop. Use a Nitrate test kit to determine that the product is working.

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