Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover Resin

Protects your aquarium from elevated nitrate levels

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  • Prevents algae by eliminating nitrate
  • Suitable for usage freshwater tanks
  • Contains a filter bag for easy usage
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What is Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover Resin?

Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover Resin is a product designed to immediately eliminate nitrate (NO3) in freshwater aquariums. Nitrate is the last link in the nitrogen cycle and can cause algae growth and be harmful to sensitive species. The maximum acceptable level of nitrate in freshwater is 20-30mg/litre. This product is safe for fish, plants, and crustaceans. To use, put the product in the bag provided, close it, and place it directly into the aquarium filter. 330 grams of the product will treat 400 litres of water for 3-4 months. 

What are the benefits of this resin?

  • Prevents the growth and spread of algae
  • Reduces and controls the level of nitrate in your aquarium
  • Comes with a bag which allows you to easily place it in the filtration system
  • Perfect for use in freshwater aquariums

Is there anything else I need to know about this resin?

Regularly test the nitrate levels in the water. Note that some tests on the market only measure nitrate up to a maximum level of 100-120mg/l, so if the levels are higher in the water it is not possible to determine the effectiveness of the resin. For this reason, it is recommended to always leave Swell Aquarium Nitrate Remover Resin in the filter for the recommended period. As soon as the nitrate levels are no longer stable at 10-15mg/l, the resin should be replaced. It does not release nitrates into the aquarium when its effect ends, but it will no longer absorb nitrates from the water.

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