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Aquarium Nitrate Removers

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Help and advice on shopping for: Aquarium Nitrate Removers

Stop algae from ever becoming a problem again

Nitrate will occur in every aquarium once established. It is food for algae and therefore to keep your aquarium nice and clean we strongly recommend taking steps to remove this non-toxic element from your aquarium water by adding nitrate removing filter media. By doing so you can maintain a healthy, algae free aquarium that looks fantastic. Our range of nitrate removal filters includes leading brands like Fluval, Ciano and Juwel.

What is a nitrate removal filter?

Nitrate removal filters are either substrate or filter media that's chemically reactive with nitrates. When nitrates in your tank water move close to your nitrate removal filter it will react, causing the nitrates to become inert and useless to any algae within the tank.

Why should I buy a nitrate removal filter?

A nitrate removal filter will cut off the food supply to algae within your tank, when combined with a phosphate removal filter it can completely rid your tank of all forms of algae - ensuring crystal-clear tank water. Nitrate removers are pretty cheap and well worth the investment to prevent a murky tank.

What are the main types of nitrate removal filters?

The largest spilt in our nitrate removal filter range is between the different delivery methods, we stock both nitrate removal filter media and substrates. Filter media can be inserted within your filter pump and will remove the nitrate in your what while also acting as a mechanical filter. On the other hand, nitrate removal substrate can be mixed in with your other substrates to remove nitrate over time from within the main tank.

What should I look for?

Once you have chosen your delivery method, the only other thing to work out is which nitrate removal filter is compatible with your tank. Look closely at the products you're considering and check that, if they are filter media, they are compatible with your pump or, if they are substrate, they contain enough substrate for a tank the size of yours.