Swell Aquarium Activated Carbon Media

Creates crystal-clear aquarium water

At a glance...
  • Removes toxins such as chlorine from the tap water
  • Suitable for use in all freshwater and marine aquarium
  • Eliminates odours caused by faeces and food waste
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What is Swell Aquarium Activated Carbon Media?

The Swell Aquarium Activated Carbon Media is a must have for most aquariums, it will help keep your water clean and will remove any foul smells caused by excess food waste or fish faeces. The carbon does this by attaching itself to any unwanted impurities in the water that passes through the filter and stores them and leaves the water crystal clear, all you need to do is replace the carbon and dispose of the old one

How does this media help your aquarium?

  • Remove chlorine when you use tap water to set up a new aquarium.
  • Remove residual or excess chemical treatments used on fish.
  • Eliminate heavy metals, such as iron, lead, and copper, that may be present in the water.

What are the benefits of the Swell Aquarium Activated Carbon Media?

The media helps remove any odours that are produced during the decomposition of organic matter, such as fish faeces and excess food waste. It is also very good at removing the yellow colouration that can occur in aquariums when natural elements are added for decoration such as bogwood. The media will make sure that your aquarium will be crystal clear making it much easier for you to view your beautiful fish in all their glory.



Water content Less than 2%. The ideal value is 0%
Ash content Less than 2%. The ideal value is 0%
Specific gravity (density opponent): 740g per litre
Specific surface area 1350 square meters per gram. The maximum value is 1400.
Adsorbents (methylene blue) 420mg/g. The maximum value is about 450mg/g
Adsorbents (iodine) 1350mg/g. The maximum value is around 1400mg/g
pH 5
Application 400g treats 500l of water
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