Swell Filter Carbon

The ideal way to keep your aquarium water crystal clear

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  • Carbon filter media
  • Removes taints, colours and odours from already filtered water
  • Available in three sizes
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Swell Filter Carbon is the perfect addition to any pond filter media set. Used as a final stage media, carbon removes taints, colours and odours from already filtered water, leaving it polished, clean and clear. It's also a great way to remove the residue of medication or treatments from the water.

Carbon binds the elements and retains them so that the water that flows back into the pond is sparkling clean. As the water passes through this media, the various shapes and sizes of the pieces of carbon ensure maximum exposure to the water and therefore best results. This is ideal for all freshwater systems, coldwater and tropical, but is not recommended for marine aquariums.

Our own branded products compare more than favourably with other market leaders, and as they are always at the best price, guaranteed, they are durable as well as cost-effective.


  1. Use at least 1g of carbon per litre (5g per gallon) of water and remove any dust by rinsing in freshwater.
  2. Place the filter carbon in a fine filter mesh bag or between two pieces of filter wool and place it in the filter.
  3. The carbon should be replaced every four weeks.
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