Swell EPDM Pond Liner Lifetime Guarantee

Durable and stretchy pond liners with a lifetime guarantee

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  • Durable pond liners with a lifetime guarantee
  • Made from high quality 0.8mm EPDM synthetic rubber
  • Suitable for small to medium ponds
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What are Swell EPDM Pond Liners?

Swell EPDM Pond Liners are our most durable pond liners, made from synthetically fabricated rubber that is specially blended to offer many benefits. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is considered one of the best pond liner materials thanks to its durability and UV resistance. We offer this liner in a thickness of 0.8mm, thicker than other leading EPDM liners and much thicker than PVC and HDPE options. However, even though this liner is thicker, it is easier to fit as the fabricated rubber has a softer and more supple texture.

We are so certain that this EPDM rubber pond liner is durable that we even offer it with a lifetime guarantee. To ensure your liner is protected from roots and rocks, we also offer an optional Swell Heavy Duty Pond Liner Underlay, reducing the chance of leaks.

Are these garden EPDM rubber pond liners easy to install?

Yes, EPDM rubber pond liners are particularly easy to install as they are both soft and stretchy. Compared to other common liner materials like HDPE and PVC, EPDM is much softer and stretchier, making it a good choice for preformed or sculpted ponds.

How much liner do I need?

Check out our handy Pond Liner Calculator tool to find out exactly how much liner you will need to get started on your pond project. It’s key that you pair your liner with an underlay of the same size to ensure the protection of your pond against punctures.

What guarantee is included?

This Swell EPDM Pond Liner comes with a lifetime guarantee. As with any pond liner guarantee, this protects your liner against sunlight rather than punctures, so it is still important to use a soft, puncture-resistant layer of pond liner underlay. EPDM is UV-resistant, so damage to the liner by UV should be limited as long as it is maintained.



Pond size Small to medium
Guarantee Lifetime
Material EPDM synthetic rubber
Colour Black
Thickness 0.75mm
Liner suppleness Very supple
Liner stretchiness Very stretchy
Underlay colour White
Underlay included No
UV resistant Yes
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