At a glance...
  • Lush Ranunculus aquatilis oxygenating pond plant
  • Looks fantastic throughout summer months
  • Suitable for full sun or partial shade
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How do I care for Swell Ranunculus aquatilis?

Swell Ranunculus aquatilis is an excellent oxygenator, it has three leaf forms, two above the surface and one below. It can grow in fast-flowing or still water. Its beautiful emerald-green leaves can often be seen in fast-flowing rivers around the UK. It can be dropped in a pond as a weighted bunch but it benefits from being planted in soil. In fast-flowing water, ensure it is anchored well, the leaves may remain under the surface due to the flow. In still or slow-flowing water, the leaves will come above the surface where they will flower. Keep in full sun to part shade.

Key features:

• Grows in still or fast-flowing water
• In fast-flowing water ensure it has been anchored well
• In still water, the leaves will come above the water where they will flow
• Keep in full sun to partial shade

Please note: Due to the seasonal nature of pond plants, we reserve the right to swap the plants in your order with a similar species.



Flowers Jun to Sep
Min depth 0cm
Max depth 100cm
Colour White
Native? Yes
Growth rate Medium
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