Swell Pond Gravel

Pond gravel to protect your pond plants

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  • Pond gravel designed to be placed on top of pond plants
  • Protects fish from uprooting plants
  • 6 mm in size
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This gravel can be used over plant substrate on marginal plants for a neat and tidy look.

What is Swell Pond Gravel?

Swell Pond Gravel is suitable for covering pond soil that sits in pond baskets. It prevents pond fish from uprooting plants which then leads to a muddy garden pond. Free from harmful substances, this pond gravel is available in a 20kg bag and is 6 mm in size.

What are the benefits of using pond gravel with pond plants?

By preventing soil from flushing away from plant baskets, pond gravel prevents a murky pond from forming. In addition, it can be used as a cover material for marsh and pond soils plus is perfect for weighing down plant pots.

Pond gravel has many benefits. Adding gravel to your pond creates a natural look and allows you to see and enjoy your Koi and other pond fish more easily. You can also use it for decorative purposes by landscaping around your pond and water feature.

Gravel size 6 mm
Suitable for All pond types
Bag size 20 kg
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