Swell Sludge Control Treatment

Easy to dose pond sludge treatment

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  • Anti-sludge solution for all pond types
  • Contains beneficial bacteria to break down sludge
  • Treats 22,500 litres of pond water
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Really easy treatment process thanks to the dosing cap on the bottle.

What is Swell Sludge Control Treatment?

Swell Sludge Control Treatment is a scientifically developed concentration of biological bacteria which disposes of fish and pond waste. It boosts the performance of biological filters, reducing sludge and the harmful chemicals it produces, like nitrite and ammonia from fish waste. Safe for pond fish, pets and wildlife, this pond sludge treatment is equipped with an easy to pour cap for seamless dosing and can treat up to 22,500 litres of pond water.

What are the benefits of using a pond sludge remover?

Fish and plant waste can build up on the floor of your pond and create a thick layer of sludge. This can discolour the water, deplete oxygen levels and cause fish health problems. Good maintenance should keep this at bay, however using the Swell Sludge Control Treatment will consume fish waste, decreases sedimentation and remove pollution greatly reducing the need for cleaning and pond maintenance.

The high dose of essential bacteria which has enzymes that break down sludge allows you to keep a crystal clear and healthier pond. It also quickly improves the performance of existing pond filtration systems and boosts biological filters for new pond setups.

Directions for use:

Swell Sludge Control Treatment will treat 22,500 litres (4950 gallons) of pond water at a dose rate of 10 ml per 225 litres (50 gallons). Simply shake the bottle and remove the safety cap, squeeze it to fill measure and pour it into your pond. Repeat weekly as necessary.

Bottle size 1 litre
Treats 22,550 litres (4950 gallons)
Suitable for All pond types
Fish safe Yes
Pond plant safe Yes
Wildlife safe Yes
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