Aquaforest Ricco Food

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Powdered food dedicated mostly for Zoanthus, Ricordea, Rhodactis and other mushroom corals, to give them the most important nutrients they need to flourish.


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Product Information

Carefully selected plant mixture developed to meet all the needs of Zoanthuses and mushroom corals. Ricco Food is enriched with a special set of vitamins perfectly matching needs of these corals. By completing the composition with a vitamin blend, Ricco Food supports healthy and intense growth. Ricco Food provides the most important nutrients, thus it improves their coloration and speeds up their development.

Key Features:

  • Enriched with vitamins
  • Supports healthy and intense growth
  • Important nutrients
  • improves colouration
  • Speeds up development

Dosage: 1 measure spoon per 100 l (27 US gal) of water.

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