Aquarium Protein Skimmers

Protein skimmers help and advice

Remove harmful proteins from your tank water

Protein waste in your marine tank can produce harmful toxins such as ammonia and nitrates. By using a powerful protein skimmer you can remove protein waste quickly and ensure the safety of your tank. Our range of protein skimmers features top brands like Aqua One, Deltec and Reef Octopus.

What are protein skimmers?

A protein skimmer uses a constant stream of bubbles to separate waste protein from water by turning it into a dry foam that is collected in a skimmer cup. Protein skimmers can be fiddly to set up as they can require some trial and error to balance the volumes of water and air to create 'dry foam' of the correct consistency. The skimmer cup must be regularly emptied of waste (also known as 'skimmate') and checked for wet foam, which is caused by water entering the air intake.

Why should I buy protein skimmers?

Every marine aquarium needs a protein skimmer. Protein skimmers reduce the amount of work filtering bacteria need to do and prevent sharp rises in ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, resulting in a safer and better quality aquarium for all your fish, plants and invertebrates. Protein skimmers are also used alongside other aquarium hardware, such as ozonisers, for improved tank cleaning and filtration.

What are the main types of protein skimmers?

All protein skimmers work on the same principles and with similar efficacy so the biggest differences in the range are between brands and the volumes each skimmer can process. Most skimmers have a recommended tank size, so you can easily work out if they're suitable for your aquarium, however, it's important to remember that the more fish you have the bigger the skimmer you'll need.

What should I look for?

There's not much more to think about when it comes to protein skimmers, however, we recommend looking at the energy efficiency of each product before you buy it as most skimmers are designed to run 24/7.